Thursday, 19 January 2012

A day with Doctor Who!

Daleks! Yikes!

There is nothing like being a big kid. I recently got to indulge my inner eight-year-old when I visited the Doctor Who Experience in London. Do any of you watch the series? I have vague recollections of watching Peter Davison on TV when I was very small. I remember thinking the Daleks were really scary. When I see those old series now, the monsters just look like men in rubber suits. Kids are much braver these days aren’t they? The monsters in the new series are much scarier. And bigger. And nastier. 

Anyhoo, the Doctor Who Experience is a must for a nerd like me. They have all the doctor’s costumes, all the monsters, all the companions’ costumes, the set of the TARDIS and to top it all…. the real K9! How cool is that?

Me with Tom Baker's costume

So, yes, I spent a Saturday reconnecting with my childhood. Awesome. Now they just have to bring out a Chronicles of Narnia Experience, and I’ll be in heaven!

What do you guys do when you feel like being a big kid?

The adorable K9


  1. I'd love to go to the Experience - I've been watching Doctor Who since the very first episode - but unfortunately my former job/economic crisis interface makes it impossible. Good to see you enjoyed yourself.

  2. Hi Nyki, I think it's moving to Cardiff at the end of January, so I wanted to go before that happens. It was great fun. They have this interactive experience thingy where you end up on a Dalek ship in the middle of a galactic battle - the 3D effects are amazing. And the life-size, moving, talking Daleks are still a little scary!


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