Sunday, 22 April 2012

Book review: The Bonehunters by Steven Erikson

Title: The Bonehunters
By: Steven Erkison
Edition: Paperback

Well, what can I say? Seems I rave about every book of this series. The Bonehunters is no exception. The story returns to Adjunct Tavore's army in Seven Cities, and tells of what happened following the crushing of Shaik's rebellion. The army chases Leoman of the Flails to the city of Y'Ghatan where they corner him. However, as you'd expect, not everything goes to plan. Through a series of catclysmic events, the Bonehunters are born - a replacement for the Bridgeburners who were killed off earlier in the series.

This is a rich, complex story full of fascinating characters. It's not easy to follow in places but it's worth the head-scratching. What I especially liked is how Erikson shows the reader the power of rumour. The legend of Coltaine, which ironically has become sacrosant in Seven Cities, gets twisted in his homeland until the Wickans, far from being heroes, end up being despised. This was a powerful comment on the power of propaganda. There are a few bits in the book that dragged on - such as when Kalam is fighting the Claw in Malaz City, but overall, this was another excellent installment from this most talented writer.

I give it five bookworms.

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