Sunday, 3 November 2013

The King's Mage is released!

Hello everyone,

All the late nights and feverish activity during October has paid off. The King's Mage, book 2 of my epic fantasy series, The Songmaker, has been released! Whoop!

Here's a preview:

The Unraveling has begun. The barriers that separate the Seven Realms are breaking, threatening to send Chaos ripping through the universe, to the ruin of all.

In the kingdom of Amaury, the Council of Mages desperately tries to halt an army bent on sacking the capital. But how do you halt an army led by the dead?

In the west, Rovann, First of the Council of Mages, and Maegwin, priestess of Sho-La, set out on a desperate mission to save the Seven Realms. But beset by enemies on all sides, they’re not sure who to trust—least of all each other.

And in the center of this web waits the Songmaker, a shadowy figure whose final plans may hold the key to the salvation or destruction of creation itself.

And so the second installment of this epic tale of darkness and redemption begins.

Chapter 1

Rovann woke with a start. Searing agony throbbed in his right arm, sending spears of fire vibrating through his body, threatening to tip him back into unconsciousness. For a moment, it consumed him. He couldn’t think straight. He couldn’t see. He couldn’t hear.

But worse than all of this was a terrifying realization that he couldn’t breathe. His lungs strained for air but it wouldn’t come. Something warm pressed against his lips, blocking his airways. Then his sight cleared to reveal a woman’s face close to his. Green eyes burned from a face covered in dirt and grime.


 And her hand was clamped tight over his mouth, suffocating him.

The day’s events flashed through his mind. He and Maegwin confronting Lord Cedric Hounsey only to discover he was already dead, a revenant held in thrall to the Songmaker’s will. The betrayal in Maegwin’s eyes as he, Rovann, denied her revenge against Hounsey and then invaded her mind to seize her power to enable them to escape.

More images flickered. The storming of Carrow Crossing by Hounsey troops. His vain attempt to hold them off while Captain Tyan, Mage Syrie and the soldiers escaped. The enemy arrow that exploded through his right forearm.

Then finally the words Maegwin had whispered to him as he fell into unconsciousness.

It’s just you and me now, Rovann. And you’re all mine.

And here she was, a crazed look in her eyes, trying to smother him. A sliver of ice-cold fear stabbed through his abdomen. There was no recognition in Maegwin’s eyes. Only a raw emotion that Rovann couldn’t quite place. Covered in the blood and filth of battle, she looked like some wild she-devil dredged from an old saga.

She was going to kill him. After all they’d been through he was going to die at Maegwin’s hands. His supposed ally. His friend.

No! I will not!

Summoning his ebbing strength, he reached for his sorcery only to find it gone. Where the burning core of his power should be, there was…nothing. Emptiness.

He’d spent too much of his strength in the citadel’s defense. Idiot, he chided himself as his lungs burned and his consciousness began to fade. Now your quest is over before it’s begun.

A small, traitorous part of him was relieved. It was over. Let someone else face the Songmaker. But another, stronger part shouted in outrage that it should end like this.

I won’t allow it! he raged. I will not!

He thrashed in Maegwin’s grip, determined to break her hold.  
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  1. oh! this looks SO good! can't wait to read it...!


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